Joe & Dahli

Joe & Dahli

My Name is Joe and I live with my mom and dad in Fort Worth, Texas. I have a cat named Kit. I don’t really know what kind of cat she is because she just showed up on our doorstep one day when she was a kitten. She has very green eyes and she is mostly gray with streaks of orange in her. She is very fluffy and she always leaves “packages” for us (hairballs). I also have a bearded dragon lizard named Reggie. I used to have a dog named Scout but he died on April Fool’s Day. He was a border collie/aussie shepherd mix. I miss him a lot. You can see  pictures of all my pets on my posts and in my photo gallery.

I like playing on my XBox. I love looking at YouTube videos. I like to swim, ski, play raquet ball and bowl. Most of all I like to hike in nature.

I have been raising money for animal conservation since I was 7. At first I tried to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. I held a bake sale to raise money for them. Then I started to visit places around where I live and saw that they really need money so I started raising money for the Center for Animal Research & Education (carerescuetexas.com) and also the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge (fwnaturecenter.org).

I made Power Point presentations and took them to different businesses and showed the presentation and got money for CARE and the FWNC&R. I also set up a booth at my dad’s store and collect money. A few years ago I wrapped presents at his store during the holiday season for a donation to my causes and then I also set up a booth in my dad’s store during the Super Bowl when it was in Arlington. I got a lot of donations from Packer fans. My cousins, Daniel and Claire helped me.

I just get a little here and there but I’ve earned over $5,000 in the last couple years for CARE and the FWNC&R. I hope that this blog will get other people interested in donating to these places or to start their own fund raising program where they live. That’s my goal — to get other kids into nature and to get them involved with conservation. The idea is not to ask for a lot in donations so that people of all ages can contribute and feel good about it. It might not be a lot of money right away but it adds up.

I plan to post a lot more pictures on this blog  so be sure to check back at this site now and then.

Thanks from Joe

Picture: Joe, far right and cousins collect money for CARE and the FWNC&R

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