Checking Out an Old Haunt

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Joe is home from college for the summer and had to check out the changes at the Fort Worth Zoo.Joe, Zoo, 2018

I’ve Missed This!

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I visited the Fort Worth Zoo a few weeks ago. I have not been there since Joe was young. He and I regularly visited this zoo, so it was fun to walk through it and see what has changed and what has not. I reminisced a lot, especially when I saw a young, blond curly-headed kiddo walk past me!

Still at it!


Do what you can when you can…

Over the holidays Joe was was home from college. He took a little time to make a donation to the Humane Society of North Texas. His motto is to do what you can when you can. To learn more about the Humane Society of North Texas, go to: http://www.hsnt.org/img_6711

Dont forget to feed me fundraiser

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I really enjoyed taking pictures of people and their dogs at the “Don’t Forget to Feed Me” fundraiser. Its a fantastic charity that gets pet food to family’s in need. Click this link to find out more.


Boogie Down at the Buffalo Boogie!

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Every year the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge hold a 5k and 1-mile called the Buffalo Boogie. The proceeds from this run goes toward the maintenance and care of the bison herd that lives at the FWNC&R. It’s a good cause and even if you do not participate you should go check it out. BTW — you and your dog can enter and I’m pretty sure I am going to bring mine. Mark your calendars now!


Buffalo Boogie, 2 001

Catching Up…and Frylock

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Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I have not been blogging. No one told me how busy junior year in high school really is!

Here’s the most important news — we have a new puppy. Well, we actually got him last October but I have not posted like I should. He has really grown since we got him at the Humane Society. We were told he is part border collie, part blue heeler. I named him “Frylock” after a cartoon character in “Aqua Team Hunger Force.” We call him “Fry” for short — also a cartoon character in “Futurama.”

Joe and Fry

Other pix I wanted to share:

Reggie Attacks!

Reggie Attacks!

Kit is not worried

Kit does not look too worried.

Wild geese in Ok

Wild geese on my recent trip to Oklahoma.Snake at Ok Zoo

This crazy boa was at the Oklahoma Zoo, too. I liked his eyes.Fry (2)

Fry can’t have a nylon or leather leash. He bites through them. He’s a happy pup!

Bigfoot — is it a primate, or something else?

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A lot of people who have studied Bigfoot, or “Sasquatch” believe that it has a lot of primate attributes to it. This includes the teeth, hands and opposable thumbs that are found on primates. Some people, though, say that Bigfoot is capable of some type of language — so maybe it is a primitive human. Still others think Bigfoot is a spiritual being, an alien, a shapeshifter or a hoax.


What do you think?


From: OregonBigfoot.com, accessed 2015

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