I went to Bridgeport this weekend to the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE). I haven’t been for awhile so it was fun to see all the cats again. I heard some new stories like what happened to Princess, one of the white tigers. See, CARE takes a lot of donated food from people but they are real careful about what they take because some stuff can hurt the cats. Some people gave CARE a horse that they said had died of natural causes but the horse was really euthanized. This made the cats that ate it real sick. Princess especially got sick and almost died. The people at CARE had to do a lot to save her. The good news is that Princess is now OK and she talks a lot to people who come through the facility (she likes a lot of attention). The sad news is that when CARE has to spend money on stuff like treating Princess then there is not as much money left for other stuff, like buying food or fixing up their pens.

If you want to help CARE then click on my link on this site and the CARE site will tell you how to donate. Be sure to tell them that “Joe sent you…”