The turkey. We love eating them on holidays. They are DELICIOUS.  Did you know that most turkeys are SO heavy that is why they can’t fly? Well, wild turkeys (that weigh less than the domesticated turkeys that we eat) can fly. That means a quick turkey dinner for us carnivores!

Did you also know that peacocks are not the only birds who have really great tail feathers that they spread to attract a mate? Turkeys do too. So turkeys are basically male models.

That red thingy that hangs down on a turkey’s beak is called a wattle. A wattle turns bright red when the turkey is upset or during courtship.

Turkeys are not endangered because there are 256 million of them. And it is said that the pilgrims ate a turkey dinner on the first Thanksgiving but it is NOW said that wasn’t exactly true. They probably ate mostly fish and deer (stuff that the native Americans ate).



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