I like spring. My parents and I were driving back from Glen Rose early this morning and we saw a bunch of goats with baby goats. They were all running in a giant herd. I was surprised that those baby goats could keep up with the grown ups so well.

I’ve been on spring break this last week. We didn’t go anyplace because my mom and dad had a lot of work to do and we’re going to take a trip this summer, so I mostly played on my XBox, saw a few friends and worked on this year’s fundraising for the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and the Center for Animal Research & Education (Big Cat CARE).

I’m going to do things a little differently this year. The main thing is I’m getting a friend to help me raise money. Her name is Manda Tuttle. She is 13, too. I’ve known her for years, since elementary school. Manda has experience raising money, especially with Kids Who Care (kidswhocare.org). She’s been with that group for a lot of years.

Manda and I met last week at Panera’s Bread and put together a bunch of places we want to visit for fundraising. We made a list of a lot of companies but we also will accept private donations from people. Both the FWNC&R and Big Cat CARE are 501C(3) charities so you can write your donation off on your tax return.

There are a few ways to make donations:

You can donate to get a “Joe Sent Me! t-shirt. There is a page at the top of my blog that is called “Making $ with Joe Sent Me!” If you print the order form and mail it and your suggested to the address I listed then I will send you a t-shirt. The proceeds will go to whichever charity you want OR split between both. OR — you can just send a cash donation care of my dad’s store:

Joe Sent Me! c/o The Import Store

915 W. Belknap

Fort Worth, TX 76102

My mom will send you a receipt so you have it for your tax records.

The bottom line is that I WANT YOU to donate!

Thanks for all your help. And warning — you may personally hear from me soon.