I’m psyched that the last day of school for me was on May 10. I went to a cool end of the year party, I’ve gone to see the Avengers and Dark Shadows, I went to a wedding shower for my cousin, and I’ve played A LOT of XBox. My mom says that now it’s time to get down to work.

June and July is when I will do my big fundraising for the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and Big Cat CARE. I want to try to get as many companies as possible to donate something to these two charities. This year my friend Manda is going to help me. I also made these little one-page brochures that I plan to leave with everyone I talk to.

I still collect money at my dad’s store (The Import Store). I was collecting a good amount until someone broke into the store and stole the money. I also still sell Joe Sent Me! t-shirts for a suggested donation (see the Joe Sent Me! page of this blog).

I hope that you will still donate this year. I’ll take any amount — $1, $10, $20. I’ll even take a penny if that’s all you can give. Every little bit helps us feed the animals of the Nature Center and Big Cat CARE.

Now that it’s summer vacation I’ll be blogging more, too.

Talk to you soon!