Hi everyone. Thanks for giving a donation to Joe Sent Me! for the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and the Center or Animal Research & Education (Big Cat CARE, now with lemurs, too).

As of this date we have earned a little over $2500!

We hope we get to split a good amount for each. My friend Manda and I want to raise at least $4,000 by the end of July. Manda will be helping me when I get back from vacation. I am going away for a week to Virginia for my cousin’s wedding and also to go visit Washington, D.C. I will post  new interviews and pictures in a couple weeks. I hope that you will check them out.

If you still want to donate or you know someone who might want to donate to Big Cat CARE and the FWNC&R, send your donation c/o Joe Bites. Sorry I did not say that in my first bunch of letters I sent. The address is 2316 Ashland Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107. If you want to learn more about the Nature Center or CARE, check out their links on my blog.

Thanks and I will post after I get back.


p.s. Starting in July I will be volunteering at the FWNC&R day summer camps. I’ll report on that, too.