Passion Horse Ranch saves Premarin foals, one foal at a time. Photo courtesy of Passion Horse Ranch.

My dad let a rescue group called Passion Horse collect money at The Import Store this weekend. Passion Horse saves horses and foals that are used to get urine and make medicine from it, especially Premarin. A lot of times after the horses are used they lose their “usefulness” and get slaughtered. And if they have the bad luck of getting pregnant, the foals are  slaughtered too. I put up my Joe Sent Me! stuff and the Passion Horse group and I spent the long weekend collecting money for our animal causes.

Last Friday Passion Horse brought a horse, Bentley to the store. Yesterday, my friend Sylvester and his sister, Zoe helped me collect money, too.

Zoe, Sly and Joe at the bake sale

If you live in the area and get a chance to go by The Import Store be sure to buy some delicious treats! It’s all for good causes.
A special thanks to all the people that donated baked goods for the bake sale. It was mostly the Passion Horse people — so thanks! And thanks to everyone who supported us, too!

Check out Passion Horse at