Most of the money from the JoeBites First Ever Online Auction is in! We say “most” because you nice people keep giving extra money and telling me to add it to the auction donation. This is REALLY, REALLY nice of you.


I also really want to thank all the vendors who gave me stuff for the auction, especially to Dale Roberts, Shellie Metroka, the Artful Bead, Sharon Dooley, Laura Hunt, The Import Store, Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and CARE. I also want to say thanks to my mom for inputting a lot of this stuff while I was at work this summer. I could not pull this off without your help.

Here’s the total right now:

Online Auction — $500

Private Donations — $739

Collection Jar at my dad’s store — $35

T-Shirt to my cousin-in-law — $21


I’m just waiting for a few more checks to come in and then I can get the money to the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and to CARE. Don’t worry — I will give the money as you instructed (to the Nature Center, to CARE or split between both).

If you still need to receive your items, contact my mom at She needs your shipping address.

All payments and donations can be made to:


2316 Ashland Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76107

i accept cash, checks and money orders. Sorry — Word Press won’t let me do Pay Pal on my blog.

Remember that both the Nature Center and CARE are 501 (C) 3 non-profit organizations, so your contribution is tax deductible.

Thanks again for ALL your help and contributions!


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