Hi Everyone,
If you have a dog(s) in your life AND you want to give to the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge or the Center for Animal Research & Education , then you will be interested in this:

Every dog is unique…so why should they all eat the same thing? The answer — they should not!
That’s why paw Tree wants to help YOU transform your dog’s life and health with their custom dog food, specially tailored for your pup.
If you buy through JoeBites, you can get some great dog food that keeps your canine friend healthy and happy, but part of your purchase proceeds go to some very special organizations who REALLY NEED your help (Nature Center Birds of Prey & CARE).

paw Tree Home Page


Customize Food for your Pooch — Follow these steps on the paw Tree site LINK

1. Go to this link– http://www.pawtree.com/JoeBites
2. Fill out your dog(s) Pet Profile — http://www.pawtree.com/petprofile

paw Tree is not anymore expensive than the premium brands that you might be purchasing today

3. Go to http://www.pawtree.com/compare and compare for yourself.


Every month you get customized food for your dog delivered to your doorstep!

Best of all, a portion of what you pay will be sent to the FWNC&R or CARE.

You can feel good about YOUR Pet AND giving to great causes, too!