Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I have not been blogging. No one told me how busy junior year in high school really is!

Here’s the most important news — we have a new puppy. Well, we actually got him last October but I have not posted like I should. He has really grown since we got him at the Humane Society. We were told he is part border collie, part blue heeler. I named him “Frylock” after a cartoon character in “Aqua Team Hunger Force.” We call him “Fry” for short — also a cartoon character in “Futurama.”

Joe and Fry

Other pix I wanted to share:

Reggie Attacks!

Reggie Attacks!

Kit is not worried

Kit does not look too worried.

Wild geese in Ok

Wild geese on my recent trip to Oklahoma.Snake at Ok Zoo

This crazy boa was at the Oklahoma Zoo, too. I liked his eyes.Fry (2)

Fry can’t have a nylon or leather leash. He bites through them. He’s a happy pup!