Who DOES NOT Keep the Same Mate for Life?

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Try your knowledge BEFORE you look at PawNation.com for the answers! Let me know your comments!



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I gave the wrong link to paw Trees.

To order the special food for your pet, go to:


If  you order through JoeBites I will send a percent of that sale to:

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

or the

Center for Animal Research & Education

Who is the most dangerous?

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This is a difficult. From the research that my mom and I made on this question, there are lists upon lists with different answers. For instance, there are lists of the most toxic or venomous creatures. There are lists of critters that kill more humans by attack. There are lists of what is a most dangerous divided by being warm or cold-blooded.

Poison Dart Frog - Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals

I wanted to find out what you think. This is not a scientific poll, or anything — just getting your opinion. If the creature you think is most dangerous is not listed, write it in as a comment. I would like to get a discussion going about this.

Many of us would agree that the most dangerous creature of all is “man” — let’s leave that one out of this poll.

Raise $ through JoeBites with paw Trees!

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Hi Everyone,
If you have a dog(s) in your life AND you want to give to the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge or the Center for Animal Research & Education , then you will be interested in this:

Every dog is unique…so why should they all eat the same thing? The answer — they should not!
That’s why paw Tree wants to help YOU transform your dog’s life and health with their custom dog food, specially tailored for your pup.
If you buy through JoeBites, you can get some great dog food that keeps your canine friend healthy and happy, but part of your purchase proceeds go to some very special organizations who REALLY NEED your help (Nature Center Birds of Prey & CARE).

paw Tree Home Page


Customize Food for your Pooch — Follow these steps on the paw Tree site LINK

1. Go to this link– http://www.pawtree.com/JoeBites
2. Fill out your dog(s) Pet Profile — http://www.pawtree.com/petprofile

paw Tree is not anymore expensive than the premium brands that you might be purchasing today

3. Go to http://www.pawtree.com/compare and compare for yourself.


Every month you get customized food for your dog delivered to your doorstep!

Best of all, a portion of what you pay will be sent to the FWNC&R or CARE.

You can feel good about YOUR Pet AND giving to great causes, too!



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You're not taller than me!

You’re not taller than me!

This is Matt — Joe’s dad. I want to help Joe and Kari get started with selling this special dog food as a way to earn money for both the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and the Center for Animal Research & Education. I am still researching paw Tree and  its products, but early indications show that this dog food is pretty good stuff.

paw Tree Dog Food Benefits:

  • Premium 100% natural healthy dog food
  • Made in the USA
  • Customized for each dogs needs
  •   A SERIOUS % of all sales will go to local shelters.
  • That’s where JoeBites comes in. His plan is to give a portion of all proceeds to the Nature Center Birds of Prey exhibit and to CARE.

Every dog is unique…so why should they all eat the same thing? The answer — they shouldn’t! That’s why we’re going to help YOU transform your dog’s life and health with our custom dog food, specially tailored for your pup. Fill out your dog’s pet profile and you could win a FREE custom food voucher. Share the news with your friends and your chances of winning increases. We’ll be picking a new winner each week until the end of June so come on, try it….you’ll like it. More importantly…so will your dog!

If you buy through JoeBites, you not only get some great dog food that keeps your canine friend healthy and happy, but your purchase proceeds go some very special organizations who REALLY NEED your help (Nature Center Birds of Prey & CARE).

Want more information about paw Trees? Check out their site and help us research this product: http://www.pawtree.com/joebites

Links to JoeBites causes:

FWNCR logo Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge :



Center for Animal Research & Education (CARE):CARE logo



Plus, here’s a new cause:

Austin Pets Alive!Dallas and Austin Pet SAVE.


What’s Up at CARE

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My family and a friend went to visit the Center for Animal Research & Education (CARE) on May 10. It’s always good to see how the cats are doing. There have been a few changes at CARE. For one thing, the Lemur Encounter is no longer available to the public. That’s kind of sad because lemurs are really cool. But — government regulations are now forbidding this, so CARE’s hands are sort of tied.

CARE is also building a new Visitor’s Center, which is desperately needed. They could use any little bit of money they can get, so if you want to donate check out their website at http://www.carerescuetexas.com.

Another new thing at CARE is Dahlia, or “Dahli.” She’s the newest member of CARE’s animal family. You can’t tell from the photo I attached but Dahli is a three-legged llama. She had to have her rear left leg amputated because it got crushed. CARE took care of her and now she gets around pretty fast — even on just three legs. And SOFT. I was lucky enough to spend a little time with Dahli and I got hooked!

If you have not been to CARE, it’s a great summer weekend adventure. It’s all outside, though so I would go right at opening and before the weather gets too hot. They are generally open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The minimum donation suggested for CARE tours is $15 per adult and/or $10 per child. Donations can be made at CARE on the day of the tour. Currently they can only accept cash at the facility. All donations are tax-deductible. Kids 7 years or younger are typically not allowed into CARE. That’s because they are a perfect lunch-size morsel for the big cats. Although it’s a real safe place, seeing kids that size gets some of the cats pretty riled up, and this is a retirement home for them. Don’t want to upset the big cats — we want them to enjoy their retirement as stress free as possible.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and check the weather before visiting the facility. Although it is a future plan of ours, we currently do not have paved walkways, so please keep that in mind as well on wet days.

Cameras are welcome! Bring water in the hot summer months!


Joe & Dahli

Joe & Dahli


Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLE!

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Summer vacation is coming fast and that is the time I try to raise as much money as I can for the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and the Center for Animal Research and Education.

I will be working a lot this summer, so my mom, Kari Kirkham has said she will fill in for JoeBites during the time I am unavailable. In other words, I’ll still be here but Kari will more visible.

So LET’S GET READY to RUMBLE and make some money for these worthy causes!


Joe pix



Making Money through JoeBites, Special Thanks to my Dad and Aunt Linda!

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I raised a little money over the holiday breaks for the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and the Center for Animal Research & Education. It wasn’t much, but my friends helped me at my dad’s store (The Import Store). We collected money the night after Thanksgiving during the Parade of Lights in Fort Worth. There was a food truck there, too. It was cold, but it was fun.

My dad closed the store for good a few days ago, so this was a good way to end our money-collecting there. Rest assured we will still collect money — just not at The Import Store.

Thanks Dad for all the help you and the store gave to JoeBites these past years!

My friend Sylvester and his sister Chloe helped out. My friend Sarah and her sister Valery came by, too. My cousin Claire also lent a hand (my other cousin Daniel was marching in  the parade). Manda Tuttle and her sister Abigail and little brother Luke showed up and helped, and Manda’s main squeeze, Matt was there, too. It was a    good time and we were able to collect about $60 for a gophotood cause. Thanks to everyone who helped AND donated.

I need to make a special mention of thanks to my aunt-in-law, Aunt Linda. She made a donation to the

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge in  my name. I really appreciate it and what you did for the Nature Center, Aunt Linda. THANKS!

Sirga and the Guys


 I saw this article about Sirga the lion cub. She was saved by Valentin and Mikkel when she was a cub in Botswana, Africa. They have helped Sirga learn to hunt and they hope to successfully re-release  her into the wild. In the meantime, she seems pretty happy to hang around the guys. Here is an excerpt about Sirga and the guys from the New York Daily News:

“These heart-warming photographs show an incredible bond between a WILD lioness and the men fighting to save her species.

The amazing pictures show Sirga — a 110-pound lioness — and her adopted pride Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth.

Incredibly she treats the two men just like she would other lions, and with their help she can now hunt for prey on her own.

As a cub she was driven out from a pride and rescued by German and Danish duo Valentin and Mikkel who could not stand by and watch her die.

She is now a beacon for hoped success of the Modisa Wildlife Project, founded in Botswana, Africa, by Valentin and Mikkel with the hope of saving the lion population.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/wild-lioness-adopts-men-pride-article-1.1506403#ixzz2k6sIENm1

Valentin Gruener (above) hugs the lioness as one of the members of her pride — never mind that  he’s human.  Mikkel Legarth  (right, below) plays with the lioness cub who is a symbol of the Modisa  Wildlife Project. Mikkel Legarth plays with the lioness cub who is a symbol of the Modisa Wildlife Project.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/wild-lioness-adopts-men-pride-article-1.1506403#ixzz2k6q4iq5j

Photos by the Caters News Agency.

Chevy Hometown Kids and Joe

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Hi all,

IMG_1701, Chevy Hometown Kid shoot, 1

Filming for the Chevy Hometown Kid program at the FWNC&R

This is Kari Kirkham (Joe’s mom). Joe does not like me to brag, but he is being featured on a program called Chevy Hometown Kids. It airs tomorrow at 10 a.m. (CT) on Fox Sports. It’s usually held in conjunction with the Texas Rangers games so if there is a rain-out tomorrow, I do not know if the Chevy Hometown Kids show  moves with it.

Suzanne Tuttle, Director of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, arranged all this. MANY thanks to  her! We hope that this  will add to the JoeBites exposure and help with our fundraising efforts for Joe’s favorite animal conservation causes.

This is the promo on the Chevy Hometown Kids Facebook page:

 “On tomorrow’s Chevy Hometown Kids show it’s Team USA vs. Team Japan in softball, North Oak Cliff Football kicks off their  season, we take the field with the largest marching band in Arlington and meet a teen dedicated to preserving mother  nature — that’s Joe!

The fun starts at 9:30am on Comcast SportsNet Houston and 10am on Fox Sports Southwest!”

 Hope you can catch it! If you miss tomorrow it will be posted on the Chevy Hometown Kid’s Facebook site and on  YouTube (https://www.facebook.com/hometownkidstv

IMG_1707, Chevy Hometown Kid, 2

Joe kayaking at the FWNC&R during filming of the program

IMG_1695, Joe and Chad, 3

Joe with Chad Etheridge of the FWNC&R. Chad is in charge of all the riparian stuff at the Nature Center.

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