It’s getting into fall and Monarch butterflies have been seen all over the place. They are migrating to a warmer place for the winter.

Every year the monarch butterfly migrates. They are cold-blooded so they need to be in a warmer climate to survive. They also need to be near flowers so they can’t live in cold climates where flowers do not continually grow.

A monarch’s migration starts sometime around August or September. They usually head to places like Mexico or California. They can come from as far away as Canada, so it’s a lot of work for a little butterfly to make its way to a warmer climate.

Deforestation is hurting monarch butterflies which has led to a reduction of their numbers. There are efforts by groups who are trying to get the monarch butterfly classified as a protected specie. A lot of people are trying to make habitats for them, too.

Monarchs eat flowers from the milkweed family. If you plant a medium-to-large pot of flowers for them in your yard, it would really help. It’s simple to do and it’s a fun project. I got a list of flowers from Wikipedia that you could plant to help feed monarchs on their journey south or when their back in the neighborhood. So start plantin!!!
• Indian Hemp
• California Milkweed
• Swamp Milkweed
• Common Milkweed
• Butterfly Weed
• asters
• thistles
• Wild Carrot
• Teasel
• Horseweed
• Spotted Joe-Pye Weed
• Common Boneset
• Dame’s Rocket
• Alfalfa
• golden rods
• Lilac
• Red Clover
• Tall Ironweed
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