I got two fire-bellied toads today. I named them Zeke and Reggie. Who knows if they are female or not? One is larger than the other so I figure it must be the male. That’s Zeke. The other is either a female or a scrawny male. That’s Reggie. I figure “Reggie” is a safe name. It can either be a boy’s name OR it can be short for “Regina.”

I really hope they last a little longer than my fish, although Peggy the beta held out for a long time. They are not endangered per se although a lot of amphibians are disappearing due to pesticides and all. So in a way, they are endangered.

According to e-How.com, fire-bellied toads are native to Europe and Asia. They live in forests, mountainous areas, meadows and river areas. They live by water although some have been found several hundred feet from the water source. Fire-bellied toads eat a lot of different things like mealworms, crickets, fruit flies. If you have them as pets it’s even suggested to feed them a little lean red meat or fish now and then. Fire-bellied toads can live a long time (up to 12 years) if you don’t do something stupid like not purifying their water or expose them to toxic stuff.

Right now I have them in a temporary aquarium. I want to put them in something a larger so they have room to move

Reggie getting used to a new habitat.
Photo by Joe Kirkham

Reggie (front) & Zeke (back).
Photo by Joe Kirkham

around more.
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