Hi everyone. We are almost at the $4,000 fundraising goal by August 12. I will still collect money all year for both the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and for the Center for Animal Research & Education, but I could work a lot on it over the summer.

If you know someone who will contribute we only have a little over $600 to go.
I wanted to give some shout-outs to a few people. Thanks for your help, Manda. I think we make a good fundraising team and you pulled my can out of the fire more than a few times. My grandparents and my aunt gave me some more money because they said they wanted me to reach my goal. Thanks, grandma Metroka and Aunt Shellie and grandpa Metroka.

The Nature Center sent out an article about Manda and I raising money this year and one of the longtime friends of the Nature Center contributed, too. Thanks Ms. Leonard. I really like the Leonard museum by M&O’s. I even have a shirt from there.

Joe in his Leonard’s Department Store Museum tee-shirt.
Photo by Kari Kirkham

If the readers of this blog have not been to that museum yet you need to go if you live in this area. Then go have lunch at M&O’s. They have GREAT burgers, and I really like the cupcakes that Rose makes.

M&O’s Station Grill and Leonard Department Store Museum at 200 Carroll Street, Fort Worth 76107