The answers to the poll, “Which Snake has the Deadliest Venom?”
1.The answer would be the Belcher’s Sea Snake. Funny thing about these guys is that their venom is the most potent (according to, a few milligrams is strong enough to kill 1000 people). But these guys don’t always bite with their venom. Maybe only ¼ of the time. They’re pretty docile, too. Maybe because their venom is so strong, that’s why they are so laid back? List Serve does not say these guys are #1, but I’ve seen on specials on Animal Planet that Sea Snakes have the deadliest venom – so I still say they are #1 in my book.

2.The Inland Taipan is listed as the #1 deadliest snake. According to, “the maximum yield recorded for one bite is 110 mg, enough to kill about 100 humans.” They get listed as the deadliest snake on dry land. They are also sort of laid back, and there has never been a recorded fatality by the Inland Taipan.

3.It’s the Aussie Eastern Brown Snake that is listed next. They are not real aggressive, either but you may run into them more (in Australia). They seem to like habitats that are pretty well populated. They react to movement so if you see one you’re supposed to stand real still.

4.The Asian Krait is listed next as having the deadliest venom. Even anti-venoms don’t really work if one of these guys bites you. They are pretty timid and try to hide rather than fight, though. They are mostly nocturnal, though. Yeah – I can see my Aunt Sharon traipsing around in Indonesia at night and running into one of these guys. That’s REALLY going to happen!

5. Another kind of Taipan is next in line as having the deadliest venom. This one is also found mostly in Australia. The thing about this guy is he’s sort of aggressive – so he may ONLY be #5 – but I think I’d rather run into a Sea Snake or Krait than him.

6.We FINALLY get to the Black Mamba. I bet a lot of people think he has the deadliest venom, or at least would be higher on the list. The thing that is deadly about a Black Mamba (aside from his venom that can kill you in 15 minutes) is that they are fast, aggressive and very precise. They bite with venom MOST of the time. And, these jerks will bite the same thing several times, not just once. This is why they get the reputation that they get. All I know is they are very long and scary.

7.The next on the list is the Australian Tiger Snake. Why are there a bunch of really dangerous snakes in Australia? What did the Aussies ever do to us? They have really cute bears, Australian Shepherds and (I hear) good beer and wine. My mom says the guys are pretty cute and good surfers, too.

8.This may sound strange but it is the Philippine Cobra that is more dangerous than the Indian Cobra. In fact, things like a Rattle Snake, Viper or Adder are more dangerous than an Indian Cobra.

9.Vipers and Adders beat out a Rattlesnake on deadliest venom. The Vipers are found mostly in areas of Asia and the Middle East. The Adder that is on the list is called a Death Adder. Where does it live? AUSTRALIA!

10.Finally we get to Rattle Snakes on the list. Well, the USA may get more deaths by gunshots, have lower standards of education and a lot of pollution than other places but at least our snakes are not more deadly than in other countries. Especially Australia.

Thanks for taking the poll!