I saw this article about Sirga the lion cub. She was saved by Valentin and Mikkel when she was a cub in Botswana, Africa. They have helped Sirga learn to hunt and they hope to successfully re-release  her into the wild. In the meantime, she seems pretty happy to hang around the guys. Here is an excerpt about Sirga and the guys from the New York Daily News:

“These heart-warming photographs show an incredible bond between a WILD lioness and the men fighting to save her species.

The amazing pictures show Sirga — a 110-pound lioness — and her adopted pride Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth.

Incredibly she treats the two men just like she would other lions, and with their help she can now hunt for prey on her own.

As a cub she was driven out from a pride and rescued by German and Danish duo Valentin and Mikkel who could not stand by and watch her die.

She is now a beacon for hoped success of the Modisa Wildlife Project, founded in Botswana, Africa, by Valentin and Mikkel with the hope of saving the lion population.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/wild-lioness-adopts-men-pride-article-1.1506403#ixzz2k6sIENm1

Valentin Gruener (above) hugs the lioness as one of the members of her pride — never mind that  he’s human.  Mikkel Legarth  (right, below) plays with the lioness cub who is a symbol of the Modisa  Wildlife Project. Mikkel Legarth plays with the lioness cub who is a symbol of the Modisa Wildlife Project.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/wild-lioness-adopts-men-pride-article-1.1506403#ixzz2k6q4iq5j

Photos by the Caters News Agency.