I raised a little money over the holiday breaks for the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge and the Center for Animal Research & Education. It wasn’t much, but my friends helped me at my dad’s store (The Import Store). We collected money the night after Thanksgiving during the Parade of Lights in Fort Worth. There was a food truck there, too. It was cold, but it was fun.

My dad closed the store for good a few days ago, so this was a good way to end our money-collecting there. Rest assured we will still collect money — just not at The Import Store.

Thanks Dad for all the help you and the store gave to JoeBites these past years!

My friend Sylvester and his sister Chloe helped out. My friend Sarah and her sister Valery came by, too. My cousin Claire also lent a hand (my other cousin Daniel was marching in  the parade). Manda Tuttle and her sister Abigail and little brother Luke showed up and helped, and Manda’s main squeeze, Matt was there, too. It was a    good time and we were able to collect about $60 for a gophotood cause. Thanks to everyone who helped AND donated.

I need to make a special mention of thanks to my aunt-in-law, Aunt Linda. She made a donation to the

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge in  my name. I really appreciate it and what you did for the Nature Center, Aunt Linda. THANKS!